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Wine Drenched - Alex Roy

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Wine drenched in our day clothes 

Night spins and we follow

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New Holly Heist demo

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Bottle of wine + thunderstorms outside + 7 of my best friends in the same motel 6 room = good night

Um, hi. Can I be there right now??!

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Cinderella Don't Go - Alex Roy

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More fun with garage band.. This is a song that I wrote last summer, It didn’t make the sparks record but I’ve always liked it.. decided to take advantage of being snowed in and recorded it! Enjoy!

Cinderella don’t go

 Tight-lipped thoughts run through my head all this afternoon

Your calling me and telling me how I make you so blue

Conniption fit If the slipper don’t fit 

Yeah she, She cut her wrist In the ball room

I’ll tell you one thing

I’m no prince charming

But if you just give me an hour

I can turn your heart around turn your heart around

Ill tell you one thing

Yeah your prince charming

Better kiss you before it’s midnight

I’m going to turn it all around turn it all around

1 secret 2 consider 3 wishes 4 you

I’d waste my time sit by your side and you had no clue 

Behind your back Your Sisters laugh

The pumpkin patch that grew for you


 I’ve been trying to find your glass slipper for days and days and days, days and days

Cinderella don’t go 

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Bryan and STR frontman, Alex Roy. They’re like best friends forever for life now :P

Now I wish I got a picture… :/

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Hi so…. today I will be obsessing over last EVERYTHING about night,

AND if it seems annoying……..too bad! I’m wayyy too happy to care what any haters have to say. (PS, I WILL be posting music so you should have my blog on in the background and listen)  »BASICALLY Sparks the Rescue is my new all time favorite band and I’ve falllen in love with The Scenic, the other guys were cool too ;)

To get started, (THE STORY):: Got to Walnut creek at 5:30, which was way farther than I espected, went to get tix, the guy was like not til 7, so we left and another guy ran after us and we bought them off him. Walked and shopped downtown Walnut Creek which was HELLA NICE! Def a rich white people area, whatever. Ate at Chipotle, and then it started, not to rain, but to HAIL! And we had to walk all the way back, maybe 4 blocks. Basically we were covered in ice and of course, stubborn me didn’t want to bring a jacket cuz I didn’t want to carry it so we were FREEZING. But it was hilarious because we basically ran from awning to awning down the streets. I was laughing so hard, people probably thought we were insane. Finally got inside, and the place was really nice, but SMALL!! Smallest stage and room in my life. Which was okay because there couldn’t have been more than 100 people there. And because it was so small we got to talk and chill with a lot of the artists. By the end of the night, my boyfriend was best friends with STR frontman, Alex Roy, and they hugged each other before we left, it was adorable :)

To start things off, there were three band I’ve never heard of play, and I think that was because they were local bands, that belonged to the Red House (venue) which also does lessons and recordings and such, the only thing I didn’t get was the fact that it was neither RED nor a HOUSE. :/ Just saying. And the last of those bands were a bunch of high school boys that of course their groupies were hella annoying, but those boys surprised me cuz the started off almost metal and then into old rock. Weird, but it was pretty cool. Then The Scenic went on and BLEW MY MIND. They played some of my favorite songs that I had got to know in the past few weeks. The frontman is basically insane. The Graduate was after that but the poor guys had some technical difficulties with thier keyboard and they had to cut it short by a song or two because they took so much time to try and fix it. Sparks the Rescue was on and basically I went insane. They played all the best songs, ecsept maybe “Charlie Sheen” but including thier OLD song ”Dirty South”. IT was awesome. And this was my first time actually being a part of a mosh, the frontman of The Scenic basically came out and started it with my boyfriend, and I think by the third song I started it on accident haha. It was sick! But I lost my sunglasses (don’t even ask why I brought them in….) and my poster I got signed by The Scenic got ruined, but I think it was worth it. It was like release. I let go of all those people staring at me, thinking I was crazy for loving this band so much, singing all the lyrics and dancing like a wild woman. I just let the music control me and it was ALMOST orgasmic. I’m quite proud of myself :) By the end of thier set I was DONE. We stayed around to listen to The Dangeour Summer, but I couldn’t e in that room with the heavy sound waves hitting me, I felt like I was gunna throw up. So we left a little early which is always nice, didn’t have to dodge around the teeny-boppers waiting around for thier parents to come. I’m soooo sore and lost my voice but it was worth it. I love EVERY BIT of last night and I almost needed it.

SIDENOTE - Things I will be spending my paycheck on today :P

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